My Offers

Office Management and Secretarial Service

  1. General Office Management / Mailing
  2. Office Administration and Organization
  3. Telephone service and Calendar ´Management
  4. Script writing
  5. Power Point Presentation
  6. Structure and reorganization of the office
  7. Develop individual concepts to optimize the office
  8. Create templates and forms
  9. Event-Management and Event Organization
  10. Internet Research
  11. Organization of Meetings, Seminar or Retreats (termination, travel management, agenda and meeting minutes)
  12. Travel Management and Planning
  13. Archiving of documents and data
  14. Creating Excel Tabs
  15. Funding Assistance

Project Management

Preparation, Organization and Follow-up of Projects like:

  • Presentation folder and portfolio
  • Layout design
  • Preparation of participant documents
  • Regroup project materials
  • Certificates and confirmation of participation 
  • Organizing Give-Aways 
  • Travel Management
  • Funding Assistance

Extra Services

  1. General Mailing 
  2. Help with Job Applications 
  3. Support to layout invitation cards and any other cars

15 min. billing mode with 10% discount for Seniors, Scholars, Students and private Customers.

The above mentioned services are only an overview and can be extended on demand and request.


For any questions please contact me either via email or phone. I will answer within 24 hours.