My Profil


I was born in November 1963 in Crimmitschau, Saxony and I live with my family near Heidelberg since November 1989. I am married since 33 years, I have one son and two grandchildren. After my technical education with Abitur my work life was focused on positions as Assistant, Secretary and Office Manager.


During my education and study I had to master many practical and technical challenges what opened my point of view in many ways. Hence, it is naturally for me to solve problems, be very structured, well organized, detail-orientated and work with great visions.


After a longer stay in the USA I have worked for more then 10 years in an international science orientated work environment as Assistant/Administrator. This assignment was demanding, very interesting and challenging at the same time. One of the most worthwhile aspects of supporting a team of many different nationalities allowed me to expand my personal view, and it highly amplified my bilingual communication skills. 


I significantly convinced with my resourcefulness, loyalty, organizational and problem solving talent. The ambition to focus on details and results, the day-to day office insanity, with permanently changing duties and timelines, is always a marvelous but rewarding challenge.